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Jewelry is not only pretty, but is an extension and expression of one’s personality. As such I feel that a person should give a great amount of thought to what their jewelry says, not only to them, but about them. I will make jewelry for my clients in nearly any price range. The low end of price is in having me purchase a commercial setting, cut a stone for it it and finish it as I would a custom piece. As you move higher in cost you move into the realm of custom jewelry made one at a time and just for you.  I prefer to make custom jewelry, either by hand or with more modern computer modeling techniques, not because of higher cost, but because making custom jewelry gives you the greatest ability to express yourself in just the way you want to while allowing me to make something which is of the highest quality possible.

Do you have an idea of what you’d like? Great, send me an E-mail and we can discuss your ideas!  Don’t have any specific ideas, but know what sorts of styles appeal to you? This is good too, as I can show you several different ideas, via computer  modeling, so that we can focus on the perfect piece of  jewelry for you.  Just want to discuss jewelry? That’s great too, give me a call or send me an E-mail and we can go over your ideas or questions.